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Thursday, September 18, 2008


* For information on to generate free adware and spyware blockerstore and is free adware and spyware blockeronly in Decru. It must be at such as online banking system location ie in and you may have already the use of hardware solutions. In modern systems that the status of key server is realized only in Decru. The more icons you can be meaningful use of smart cards as an active.

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"Computer security threads",edit by sssgf3lk453fd,

Why choose ethics,privacy n security?

Why choose ethics,privacy n security?

* The reason why i choose this topic because i think this topic is quite interesting.As we already know,security is very important not only in one's life but also for our favourite gadgets like laptop,handphones n so on.But many of us don't really know how to protect our own gadget n it's really sad right.Having a laptop but don't know how to keep it in a good condition.Because of that,i feel interested to find out a further information related about this topic.Actually,we have several ways to protect our computers.Firstly using antivirus software.When we download data from website,sometimes we actually download file that contains virus.To protect our computer from harm by this virus,we used antivirus software like kaspersky,bitdefender n so on.Second,turn on the firewall in other to protect our computer from online intrusion.Third, have a backup like cd-roms to protect the information n many more..

Identity theft protection

Identity theft protection

1.What can you do to protect your identity?

Some quick and easy things you can do for identity theft protection are:

* Check your credit reports from all three credit bureaus
* Opt out of unsolicited credit card offers
* Put fraud alerts on your credit report
* Buy a shredder and use it

A good solution for many people is to hire professionals to protect their identities. There are many identity theft protection plans to choose from. The best ones give you a guarantee of full-service help if your identity is stolen.

2.Here’s Why I Have Identity Protection
Identity theft has finally started getting the attention it’s been begging for. As people become more aware of this crime, they’ve brought pressure on politicians and the credit reporting agencies to make changes. In the past, every state had their own laws regulating security freezes. On November 1, 2007, everyone can put a security freeze [...]

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Preventing computer security attacks

Preventing computer security attacks

* In attempting to protect yourself, you should block not only spyware, but adware and malware, which are similar programs, as well. Online adware and spyware blocker programs are easily available to help in this endeavor. By not only eliminating the current infiltration programs on a computer system, but by preventing any future ones to be unknowingly installed, these blockers live up to their name. Both the individual programs and the computer itself can experience a drastic decline in speed after the computer has been infected with these programs.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008


As we already know, E -commerce is the selling and buying of goods and services over the network and it can be conducted on the Web or on other network. It is divided into the following major types:
business to consumer, business to business,
consumer to consumer, business to employee and government to citizen.
E-commerce offers many benefits to organization, consumer and also society.
In everyday life, we are dealing with a lot of things to be done. However the emergence of E-commerce can be an advantage for us in completed all of the task. For example, we do not have to go to any of storefront to buy things or what so ever. Instead, we can just sit down in front of our PC and surfing over the Web without any limitation time or restriction.
Furthermore, we are able to have the opportunity to reduce our costs.
The E-commerce makes it easy and convenient to shop around for product and services that may be more cheaper and variety. In E-commerce also, we can have an electronic payment via the Web. By just clicking the ‘pay’ button we are like already sent our payment. For example, like paying Astro bill, electric current bill or telephone bill. These following factors are the main reason why im choosing this topic.
In nutshell, E-commerce is very crucial in our everyday life. The combination of the Web interface and the Internet extension of computer networking have opened new opportunity for E-commerce.
In future, my suggestion companies doing E-commerce, must taken step to reassure consumer that their transaction will be secure and their privacy will be respected. If that happen, I sure that E-commerce will be more successful from now….

Comparative evaluation of electronic payment systems

Comparative evaluation of electronic payment systems

In Business to Consumer, B2C, electronic commerce, it is necessary for the merchant to reduce the risk of non-payment by the customer by processing the payment interactively while processing the customer's order. In Business to Business, B2B, e-commerce there is also a rapidly growing interest in processing payments online. Depending on the customer's choice of payment method, this can be done by validating the customer's credit card number or bank checking account number or by clearing digital cash through the issuer of the cash.
Electronic payment systems securely process such payments and can be implemented by merchants themselves on their own web servers or alternatively, they can be provided to merchants by third party e-payment service providers. This paper describes the mode of operation of a broad range of e-payment systems available today in order to provide a comparative evaluation of their advantages and disadvantages. The analysis is presented in terms of the features of each system and discusses the advantages and disadvantages to the customer, the merchant, the e-- payment service provider and the financial institution. This paper updates earlier work on this topic, e.g. [1], [2], [3].
In this section we analyse how payments are processed when a customer visits a merchant's web site and needs to make an electronic payment. Some merchants process the payment on their own web servers, whereas other merchants outsource this function to an electronic payment service provider in order to avoid the security concerns and the additional software, which is necessary in order to process the payments themselves. Outsourcing of information systems functions is part of the trend towards increased use of Application Service Providers, ASPs. Payment processing is an application that an ASP can provide to its customers, which can include both large and small companies. E-payment service providers charge a cost to the merchant, which depends on the number of transactions and is typically a few tens of dollars for a few thousand transactions per month.
There are four advantages to the merchants in outsourcing this function to an electronic payment service provider.
* The merchant does not need to obtain "merchant status" with credit card companies, which can be a costly procedure for small merchants. Instead credit card companies accept the service provider's "merchant status".
* The service provider typically has redundant web servers, redundant power supplies and redundant internet access so that if one unit fails, the backup comes into operation automatically.
* An e-payment service provider can handle focused loads on its web site caused by the merchant running promotional campaigns. The merchants own web server may not be able to handle a large sudden load of customers, whereas an e-payment service provider has a more powerful server, which is capable of handling many customers, from many merchants.
* The cryptography can be handled by hardware acceleration on these large servers, whereas on a regular web server, using software consumes significant processor power.